Thursday, April 23, 2009

Class Information

Contact Information:
Sensei Mike: 402-505-2651 or email:
Sensei Wally: 402-944-2651 or email:

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 7-9pm

Thursday 7-9pm

Class Fees:

 $25 per month

Testing Fees:

5th Kyu (Yellow Belt)- $25
4th Kyu (Black Striped Yellow Belt)- $25
3rd Kyu (Blue Belt)- $35
2nd Kyu (Brown Belt)- $45
1st Kyu (Black Striped Brown Belt)- $55

Yudansha Testing Fees (Black Belt Level):

Yudansha testing fees are based on the Japanese Yen and decided the year the testing and promotion take place.

Yudansha tests include registration fees for Aikikai membership, which is required at that level.

Additional Fees:

Yearly fees are required for Aikido of Hawaii International (AHI- Kailua,Hawaii) membership and Aikikai Foundation membership (Tokyo,Japan). These fees are minimal and will be announced at the end of each year.

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